Fitness Is A Lot Like Farming

October 27, 2018


Fitness is a lot like farming.  



I was born in America’s Dairyland, Wisconsin.  I have driven a tractor, bailed hay, milked cows, I even helped butcher chickens.  I now know how the phrase, “running around like a chicken with its head cut off” came from.


Living in the ‘burg, we see farming all around us.


In spring we see the farmer turning over the dirt, adding nutrients to optimize the soil so the seed has the very best environment in which to grow and flourish.


We, too, need to prepare and optimize the soil of our mind to create the very best environment to make healthy lifestyle habits.  We ‘turn over the soil’ by making a commitment to ourselves and ‘add nutrients’ with social support, reading health and fitness blogs, websites and other encouragement and knowledge.


Then the farmer will plow the field and make straight rows in which to drop the seeds.  He does not just scatter the seed haphazardly and with no control. He knows just how far apart to make the rows and he keeps his eyes fixed on an object far on the horizon so his rows stay straight.


We, too, need to plow the field and make straight rows with meal planning and preparation.  We keep our ‘rows straight’ by having our meals planned out, prepared ahead of time so our ‘rows’ don’t get crooked by eating fast food, junk food or empty calories.  We keep our eyes on the horizon, fixed on the prize of lowered cholesterol, better heart function, energy, stamina and less aches and pains.


Now that the tilling, plowing and planting is done, the hard part begins.




There is seed, time…. More time, more time and then harvest.


Isn’t waiting the hardest part of all?  


We watch what we eat, exercise, drink water and by the end of the day expect to have lost 10 pounds. 


The farmer does not go out to the field and rip up the seed to see if it is growing?


He waits and waits and waits.


He waits, waters, fertilizes, waters, waits, fertilizes, waters…


We, too, need to eat clean whole foods, drink half our body weight in ounces, move our bodies a minimum of 30 minutes a day, have good emotional support, have a positive mindset, hang around good health conscience people and do it day after day after day.


In short, we need patience too.


Because…wait for it, wait for it…




Soon the numbers on your scale will drop, your blood work with improve, your energy will go through the roof, you will sleep better, move better, you will be strong to tackle the projects that have been sitting quietly waiting for you.


You will reap a harvest of healthy life habits!


I am here to help you.


You can call me Farmer Joan.


Start tilling your soil and plowing your field by contacting me and let me help you start your tractor.


Visit www.8020healthyhabits.comfor a free nutrition and lifestyle consultation.


To your good health,


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