THE HIGH COST OF LOW LIVING by 8020 Healthy Habits

May 17, 2018


Sometimes it is fun to lay back, take it easy, let the day tick away. Visualize a hammock swaying rhythmically to the sound of crashing waves. A cool breeze in the air, bright sunlight and the smell of suntan lotion adds to the slow paced atmosphere.  It makes you want to relax and do nothing.


But life cannot be lived with ease.  Well… not with ease and leisure and expect to be strong and healthy.


Have you ever heard the phrase, “Eating from the low hanging fruit.”?  That means only doing things that are easy.  Activities that take little effort.


But what happens when the bill of life comes due?  Joints no longer bend, arteries no longer flow freely and heart and lungs have no more power to push life-giving blood through the body.  With what will you pay?  You have no energy, no strength, no health reserve in the ‘bank’ because you have been taking the short cuts of life and made no deposits.


WE CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS.  We live in the greatest country in the world with access to nutrition and every activity you could want.  Let’s start living like the intelligent people that we are.  We must begin to move more and eat less.  We must have a burning desire to be strong, be our optimal best, be able to do the activities that we need to do through out the day.


What is the high cost of low living?

*It is the high cost of living in a limited capacity because you cannot walk far without being sore or out of breath. 

*It is the high cost of not being able to go where you would like because you are physically unable to sit or stand for any period of time.

*It is the high cost of hiring help because you no longer can do the simple tasks.

*It is the high cost of buying aids to help you live, walk, reach, breath, bend.


Each day is a new day to renew your mind, renew your spirit!  Make one simple change each day.  Eat less, eat clean, cook your meals, walk more, lift more.  Today can be the beginning of your daily deposits into the bank of health and wellness.


It can even begin with the words with which you choose to describe yourself.

“I just don’t have the energy…” 

“I wish I could but my back, leg, knee (pick a body part) hurts when I do that.”

“I just don’t have the self discipline.”


You don’t need a wishbone, you need a back bone.

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