Renew your mind, Renew your strength

February 15, 2018



Rethink your goals in terms of strength and not just the number on the scale.   Strength comes in CANS not CAN’TS!


“I CAN be strong and not be ruled by my emotions. I CAN reduce/eliminate my medicines, I CAN have energy to last all day long.”


This is YOUR year.  This is THE year you take control of your health, your body and RENEW your strength!


Here are 15 proven tips that will get you to your goals.


  1. Drink water, drink water, drink water!  Aim to drink half your body weight in ounces. Our bodies are 75% water.  Stay hydrated.

  2. Add one fruit or vegetable to each meal and try to eat 5 vegetables or more each day.  Stick to no more than 2 fruits per day.  It is still sugar.

  3. Eat clean. If you cannot pronounce the ingredients… do not eat it.

  4. Eat natural foods not chemicals.  I don’t mean organic, but natural.  If you eat butter, eat butter, not margarine. If you do cream and sugar, drink cream and sugar and not powder creamer and artificial sweetener. Our bodies do not know what to do with chemicals.  I believe this is the beginning of some of our health issues. READ LABELS.  Some containers are 2 servings.  Measure your food.  Know the serving size of the foods you eat.  I have never counted calories, but I exercise portion control.

  5. Do not eat anything that comes through a window.

  6. Limit your sugar intake.  4 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon.  That “healthy” protein bar might have 18 grams of sugar. That is 4 teaspoons of sugar!! Soda has 29 grams of sugar.  That is 7 teaspoons of sugar!  READ LABELS.

  7. ELIMINATE wheat from your diet.  Wheat causes inflammation in our bodies.  Our joints, tissues, organs are all inflamed.  Most of us have an intolerance or sensitivity to wheat.  This too, is the underlying cause of our health problems.   Educate yourself on gluten free eating.  Learn what is wheat and what is not.  Oatmeal and rice are not wheat.  Check out  Begin to eliminate wheat and see a difference in your belly.

  8. Do not eat fat free foods.  The manufacturers remove the fat and add chemicals to make it taste good. (See tip #4)

  9. Limit alcohol consumption.  It is empty calories.  It is crazy that the government wants to ban Trans Fat because it can cause heart attacks and possible death but alcohol related accidents kill as many people each year as the whole 10 years of Vietnam!

  10. Do not eat anything bigger than your fist in one sitting!  Control your portions!  You can only digest a small amount of food at a time, the left overs are stored as fat.  Eat off a smaller plate. Your plate should be ½ vegetables, ¼ meat, and ¼ blank.

  11. Eat small and eat often.  You must keep your metabolism burning all day.  Eat within 30 minutes of getting up in the morning and then every 3-4 hours.  Our bodies were made to withstand famine.  If you have no calories coming in, the body will think it is in starvation mode and it will hold onto every calorie for survival.  It will not burn any calories because it needs all the energy from the calories to keep the heart beating, lungs working and organs functioning.  But if you keep a regular amount of calories coming into the body, it will regularly burn them. Think of your body like a fire burning calories.  Feed the fire with small kindling and small wood (clean food) all day long.

  12.  Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper.   Studies prove that consuming the majority of your calories before 2pm will great change your body weight.  Choose a time in the evenings when you will not eat anymore. 6pm or 3 hours before you go to bed.  That late night snacking is your big weight gain culprit.

  13. Take a quality multi vitamin.  Over the counter vitamins are packed so tightly that they do not break down in your stomach and you end up flushing them down the toilet.  I highly recommend a whole food, not chemical vitamins from

  14. Eat as if you are a diabetic.  Learn what is high glycemic and low glycemic foods.  High glycemic are white, refined foods that digest quickly, spike your blood sugar, then your pancreas kicks in and your body is a yo-yo trying to stabilize itself.  Low glycemic foods digest slowly, keep you feeling satiated (fuller) longer, keeps your blood sugars even and you maintain a steady sugar level.

  15.  Exercise 45 minutes at least 3 days a week.  The body uses food for energy called glycogen.  If we do not burn up that glycogen, the body says, “Not a problem, I will store this extra energy as fat for later energy use.”  But if you use up the glycogen through exercise, the body will say, “Hey, I need more energy! I’ll use the fat storages.”  The body will not burn fat until the glycogen is used up.  Therefore, do weight training first and burn the glycogen and then do cardio to burn the fat.  Fat burns in the presence of oxygen that is why cardio is your best fat burner.  But if you do cardio first, you have only burned up your glycogen and have not tapped into your fat storages yet.  It takes about 30 minutes to burn up the glycogen.  So if you exercise for only 30 minutes you only burn up your glycogen.  You won’t gain weight with 30 minutes of exercise, but you won’t loose any.


So here is our take away.




Pick 2 tips from the list and implement them. Drinking water is a very easy start. Use a large quart size water bottle. Put 4 rubber bands around it. Every time you drain the bottle, take off a rubber band to keep track. I know you will use the ‘facilities’ more, but that is the point. Get rid of the toxins in your body.


Start eliminating wheat. It is not easy. But if all this was easy, everyone would be trim and fit. Last year I was diagnosis with chronic bursitis all over my body. I began to eliminate wheat from my diet, I immediately felt better and my stubborn belly disappeared! Start small. If I had over easy eggs in the morning, I had to have a piece of toast to sop up the yoke. Now I do not eat over easy eggs, I make an omelet or over hard eggs. Do not replace ‘gluten free’ pasta or bread. It is full of chemicals.


Take control of your health! Tell yourself “This fatty food does not taste as good as strong and healthy feels.”


It is not rocket science to get strong and lose weight, but it does take incredible discipline, determination and planning. Educate yourself about the foods you eat.


You cannot build muscle mass and lose weight if you do not cook. Sorry. That is the truth. I do much of my cooking from


Vitamin D deficiencies can inhibit your weight loss. Have your blood tested.Find out what you are deficient in.



This is YOUR year, this is YOUR time. TODAY is the day. You have a great amount of resources to help you.


Welcome to a whole new you!

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