DO NOT Make a New Year’s Resolution!

December 23, 2017


Instead, create NEW HABITS one at a time with small baby steps.


There are 2 teenage fish swimming down the stream. They are met by an older fish swimming the other way. “Good mornin’ boys.  How is the water today?”


The teenage fish keep swimming when one fish looks at the other and says. “What’s water?”


That is us.  We are swimming in a sea of habits that we do not recognize.


Here are 3 NO FAIL ways to create good habits that will crowd out the bad habits.



  1. ESTABLISH A ROUTINE. We are unconsciously slaves to routine. Notice how you move through your day.  You have steady, predictable actions that you perform. 

So when it comes to your health, begin with creating new routines in order to create good habits.Start small. . During your evening hours begin to prep for the next day.


  1. Plan out your breakfast

  2. Pack your lunch

  3. Gather your keys, bags, coat, water bottle and put them together preferably by the door from which you will exit the house.

  4. Choose your clothing the night before so there are no surprises or frustrations in the morning like wrinkles, missing buttons, dirty…

By creating a good ROUTINE, you will begin to turn that into a healthy habit.


2.  HABITS ACTUALLY SAVE OUR LIVES.  If you had to relearn to get dress, cook, read, do math, drive each day, you would be exhausted. It is said that 90% of our day is habit.  How many of those habits are causing you ill health?  If one of those habits are broken and replaced with a healthy habit, it would cause a domino effect to the rest of your habits.  We call that a KEYSTONE HABIT.  A keystone habit is an action that is impactful enough that will affect other habits. 


Example. You decide you are going to get 8 hours of sleep every night.

Because you are making that a habit,

  1. you find you are more rested. 

  2. you are now more productive during the day,

  3.  you are no longer tired and fatigued

  4.  you are more pleasant to those around you,

  5. you have energy to exercise

  6. which in turn makes you want to eat better. 


All these ‘good habits’ were the collateral effects from ONE KEYSTONE HABIT of getting 8 hours of sleep.


3. You have heard it said that ‘willpower is a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it becomes.’  I agree. Willpower is a muscle, BUT the more you use it the more fatigued it gets.  When you establish a routine in order to create healthy life habits you will conserve your WILLPOWER so you have it in excess when you need it most.  If you have to use willpower to resist the donuts, the chocolate, the after-work drinks, then by the end of the day your will power will be exhausted.  LATE NIGHT EATING sound familiar?


This year, forgo the NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS.


Instead, choose one action that you know will impact your health for good.


Start today, not tomorrow to establish

This is what I am. I am a HABIT COACH, A Behavioral Change Specialist.


Visit my NEW WEBSITE www.8020healthyhabits


I will give you a FREE Health consultation.


I am here to help you,

Coach Joan



Joan is a certified Behavioral Change Specialist to help you

Be Empowered To Restore Your Health One Healthy Habit At a Time


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