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June 17, 2014



Like the sound of a shot from a starting gun, it begins the race to summer. The sapphire sky and the bright maize sun seem to cheer us on with enthusiastic applause.

The myriad of colors around us should reflect on our dinner plates too. 
This is called CLEAN EATING.



  • Foods that are in their natural states or as close to there natural state as possible. Apple vs. applesauce.

  • Foods that will rot or spoil. Foods that do not have a shelf life.

  • Foods that came out of the ground or had a mother.

  • Foods that have ingredients that are pronounceable.

RESULTS: By eating clean you will not have to count calories, fat grams or carbs. BUT always control food portions and do not eat with abandon just because if fits into the criteria of clean.


Read labels and compare products. Cottage cheese should have milk and salt. Compare canned black beans.


They should read: beans, water, salt. Don’t rely on manufacturers to tell you the product is “Healthy” or “Natural”.


Take crackers for example. Ritz has a paragraph of ingredients. Wheat Thins has a few sentences. Triscuits have wheat, salt, water.


Don’t let convenience rule over clean. Egg Beaters might sound like a great product but they are full of chemicals.


Are separating eggs really that inconvenient? Eggs whites are a complete form of protein.


Fat free foods are another lie. They remove the fat and add chemicals to taste good. Don’t be duped.


Organic is another slippery slope. Read labels. They can still add chemicals to the finished product.


I have a simple but thorough seminar on Clean Eating that I have presented at Gold’s Gym. Contact me if you would like more information.

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