The 80/20 Healthy Habits Approach

  • 80% of illnesses and health conditions are PREVENTABLE through proper nutrition and lifestyle changes

  •  Proper brain health leads to a HEALTHY body

  •  Fat does not make you fat; SUGAR does

  •  The only thing worse than sugar is FAKE sugar

  •  WATER is essential to proper brain and body functions

  •  Mental health is VITAL to overall health

  •  Gut and brain health are NECESSARY for preventing disease and attaining optimum health

  •  Our THOUGHTS are to the SOUL what food is to our bodies

  •  Food is MEDICINE, medicine is FOOD.

DID You Know?


80/20 Healthy Habits Plan


Believes that nutrition and fitness is more than just DIET and EXERCISE. Nutrition and fitness must also apply to your lifestyle. It means making right choices with wholesome, clean foods and a positive mind-set that will give you LIFE, VITALITY and PURPOSE.

We believe that your mental health, which includes the health of your brain, dictates your overall health and happiness. And brain health is the foundation not only for weight loss but also for your physical well-being.


The 80/20 Plan emphasizes the use of nutritious foods that feed your brain as much as your body.

Our extensive programs clearly identify for you:

  • Best foods to eat for your body, brain and lifestyle

  •  Avoid foods that rob you of energy

  •  How to feed the brain and starve your cravings

  •  How to efficiently plan meals

  •  Why water is essential to brain and overall health

  •  Why sugar is the cause of many diseases

  •  How wheat became public enemy #1

  • The best exercise for you is the one you love

  •  Sleep depravation is a silent thief

  •  Why your social life effects your waistline

  •  Which vitamins are important to body functions

  •  Why stress makes us sick

  •  How to find your purpose in life

We teach you to eat clean, proportioned, real foods 80% of the time and 20% of your favorites and NOT COUNT  calories, keep track of grams of fats, proteins and carbs . THIS is a Sustainable Lifestyle!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

  • If you work the game plan, that together we created for you

  • Do your part of the 80/20 program

  • And you are not convinced that creating healthy lifestyle habits is the best way to restore your health

                         then we will cheerfully refund your money

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"Your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, therefore glorify God in your body" 1 Corinthians 6:19

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"A joyful heart is good medicine" Proverbs 17:22

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